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Greetings, welcome to my money making resource tools website. Here you will find an extensive collection of money making resources that keep you diversified with many revenue streams.  This package is for 22 money making resources and tools that's guaranteed to make you money if you put them to work.  
The complete package contains the following:

1    Complete Turnkey Legal Forms Business.  Automatically sells business forms (autopilot).
2    Paypal Revenue Generation.  A system to make money from Paypal.
3    500+ Ebooks to start an Ebook Store.  Sell ebooks and advertising on your site (autopilot)
4   50,000 Adsense Articles.  Adsense articles generate money through advertisments (autopilot)
5    $150,000 Money Making Machine for ebay.  Makes money for you night and day (autopilot)
6    1000+ Scripts and Resources to make online income on ebay. Sell content for a great profit from this huge collection (autopilot)
7    47 ready made Clickbank websites to make you money on the internet.  Use Clickbank to make an income stream (autopilot)
8    A complete drop shipping business with over 700 suppliers.  Make money drop shipping (autopilot)
9    20 Hypnosis tapes for personal development and to resell.  Condition the brain for success
10    Lottery system to help beat the lottery and make money from it.  Interesting insights to increase your odds of living
11    A traffic bot to drive visitors to your site.  Promote your website (autopilot)
12    A complete turnkey SEO business ready to make money on the net.  SEO service website.
13    Think and grow rich, the must read ebook if you are trying to make money from the net.  Condition your brain for success
14   The viral submitter that submits your products to hundreds of search engines on the net.  Submit and promote (autopilot)
15    130 Selected Website Web Page HTML5+CSS templates.  Sell separately or make money with them (autopilot)
16    Complete online dating website script. Make money with ads and membership fees (autopilot)
17    Complete online arcade website script. Make money with adverts on your site (autopilot)
18    Holy Bible website script.  Sell advertising on your website (autopilot)
19    Music store website script.  Make an affilliate music website and make money (autopilot)
20    Sweet Date premium dating site.  Make advert income and membership money (autopilot)
21 25 Health based websites.  Make money from these popular sites on autopilot. 

I know you have been disappointed with other money making sites out there.  They take your money, leave you with a substandard product and leave you with a hole in  you wallet.  This auction is truly different, aside from the sheer volume of product that you get, the product has been vetted as "Premium Content"  This is not a pyramid scheme or MLM scheme.
There are no additional fees, nothing else to purchase from me.  I am not going to upsell you on other product.
There are fees for webhosting and domain names for your websites.  I can help you get these; hosting is around $2.50 per month and a domain name costs around 10 dollars.  I don't host or sell domains but will gladly step you through the simple process.
Has this happened to you?  You bite on an internet ad promising marketing magic and making you hundreds of thousands of dollars.  It's only a small fee, but once you've paid that, there is better software that you need to buy to make this happen.  And after that, more software or memberships to buy.  This is not that product.  You get all these resources for a decent price. Your satisfaction is my goal.  Counted separately,you get over a thousand resources with this ad.

You deserve to be wealthy, we all do.  But think of how you can change your life with a real income that can pay the bills and operate 24/7 making money.  Think of how your life would change:
  • No more worries about how you are going to pay the bills.
  • Enough cash to do whatever it is that makes you happy.
  • Your family being taken care of the way you know they should.
  • The security of knowing you have a 24/7 money making machine working for you!
  • Imagine a new car, or a new house, imagine the happiness you and your family would have.
  • Know the feeling of security that this income can bring to you.
  • You deserve wealth and abundance.
Why am I doing this?  Because I can.  The Internet is a big place.  Your profits won't affect mine and mine won't affect you.
This auction involves:
  • Making you money 24/7 even while you sleep
  • You getting rich
  • Running your businesses on autopilot
  • You can use your laptop or desktop computer.
  • I support you along the way if you need help
  • You being your OWN BOSS, setting aside small portions of time to maintain your business
  • Giving your family the security they deserve.
Becoming rich is a choice that you can choose to make.  This is the best deal on all of eBay.  Of course I guarantee your satisfaction with a 7 day no questions asked return policy. So what are you waiting for?  One thing is for sure, if you don't take advantage of this opportunity, you will stay in your rut and nothing will change.  Choosewealth.  Choose it now.